Dear Guests!

We have summarized brief guidelines about the devices in the apartment. Please, find the detailed manuals in the kitchen drawer.

In case of questions, please turn to the reception.


Put the rinsed dishes into the dishwasher.
The following utensils are never to be put into the machine: tools that are not made out of rustproof steel, or aluminium, or have a wooden handle, wooden chopping board, aluminium and silver utensil (they might discolour), sponge, mop.

You turn on the machine by pushing the “On” button.

You can choose the suitable program by pushing the “P” button:

  1. Wash-out (with cold water) app. 10 min.
  2. wash (40°C) for not too dirty dishes. The programs time span is 30 min.
  3. Environment friendly program (50°C) Attention, the program washes for more than 2 and a half hour!
  4. Moderately dirty dishes, the program washes for 2 hours!
  5. Intensive program (70°C) for dirty dishes and pans. The program washes for almost 2 and a half hours!

To stop the program push the “P” button for 2 seconds.
In case the “S” button is blinking the machine needs cleansing salt, please turn to the reception.

Microwave oven

The highest button on the right side of the microwave oven controls the time (1 click stands for 30 seconds) the lowest controls the temperature.


You can turn on the kettle with the button over the handle and turn it off with the button beneath it.


You can turn on the sauna by pushing the START button. The sauna will be heated till it reaches the 90° C degrees and stays at this temperature for 2 hours. After the 2 hours the sauna will turn off automatically. You can change the temperature and the time by using the “+” and “-“buttons. By pushing the STOP button the program will stop immediately.

Hauser coffeemaker

  1. The knob on the left side should point at “0”.
  2. Open the lid which is situated at the top of the machine.
  3. Pour the required amount of water into the sink.
  4. Open the filter and put the required amount of coffee into it.
  5. Put the filter into the holder and place it into the machine.
  6. Put a cup onto the tray.
  7. Turn the knot till the “cup” sign.
  8. The coffee will be ready in app. 4 minutes.
  9. Do not open the lid till the machine is in operation!
  10. Turn the knob to “0” when there is no more coffee in the machine.
  11. Before opening the lid in order to take out the filter led all the steam out by turning the knob. Turn off the machine only after you have done this.

Saeco coffeemaker

With this machine you can only use whole coffee, which you can pour in by taking of the plastic lid from the top. On the left side you can find the sink and on the right the receiver for the grounds. You have to empty these from time to time.
With the help of the round knob in the middle you can control the amount and strengths of the coffee. By turning this knob from the left to the right you can increase the amount. By pushing the knob 1x, 2x, 3x you can change the strengths of the coffee. The strengths of the coffee is symbolized by the coffee beans.

  1. Put the tray into the appropriate height.
  2. Put one cup onto the tray in case you would like to get one portion.
  3. Put two cups onto the tray in case you would like to get two portions.
  4. Choose the amount of coffee by turning the knob. Chose the strength by pushing the knob 1x, 2x, or 3x.
  5. Push the knob once, or twice for one, or two cups.
  6. The machine will grind automatically, your coffee will be ready shortly.


You can change the two functions (TV and internet usage) of the TV by pushing the “Source” button located in the middle of the remote controller. You will see a “Source List” on the left side of the screen. Here you can choose the TV function (TV), or the Internet function (HDMI/DVI DVIPC). You can accept the chosen function with the button between the arrows.


There are two knobs on the hoover: one for controlling the strengths and one for the opening of the receiver. The hoover does not have a hoover bag! You can take out the receiver by pushing the knob. You have to pour out the dust from the receiver. Wash the filter with lukewarm water. Do not put the filter back until it is not completely dry. Do not try to dry the filter on the sun, or with the help of the hair-dryer.

You will find the cleaning utensils (hoover, mob..) in the bench situated outside in the staircase.